OFSTED Registration Number: EY269963

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Toddler Room

The Toddler Room is registered for Twenty one children and provides quality care for children between the ages of 15 months - 3 years. The children's care, learning and play are supported by six key nursery practitioners; Lynsey, Emma, Gillian, Laura, Amena and Georgia who offer a wide range of planned and free play activities both indoors and outdoors to support the children to develop holistically across the EYFS.

The staff within the Toddler Room plan first hand experiences that enable children to make informed choices as they develop their knowledge, skills and understanding.

The Toddler Room routine is planned and organised, yet flexible, to ensure all children can take part in many varied experiences through continuous provision.

Staff interaction with the children is carefully balanced. Children have the opportunity to play and learn independently, initiating their own activities and exploring freely. Focused activities, which need more support and direction from adults, are incorporated throughout the sessions.